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Image Dirty Linen

Dirty Linen

Release Date 2023-03-24
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Mystery, Drama
Stars Janine Gutierrez, Zanjoe Marudo, Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, John Arcilla
Directors Mervin Lazaro, Nancy Arcega, Michael Jacinto, Ronald Jacinto, Dustin Uy

To exact vengeance, a young woman infiltrates the household of an influential family as a housemaid to expose their dirty secrets. However, love will get in the way of her revenge plot.

1. Four Underground


The powerful and influential Fiero clan celebrates the 15th anniversary of their cockpit arena built on the remains of a tragic and bloody past. A girl stops at nothing until she unravels the mystery behind her mother's disappearance.

2. Belly of the Beast


After being embroiled in an accident with Aidan, Mila, a newcomer in town, secures an opportunity to work for the Fieros. Unknown to the influential family, their new maid seeks to settle old scores with them.

3. Looking for Trouble


Aidan gets into trouble for defending Chiara from an enraged man at the bar. While Mila keeps her eyes and ears open to dig up the Fieros' dirty linens, Abe witnesses Carlos' ruthlessness over a betrayal.

4. The Weakest Link


Mila tries to comfort Chiara after Leona brushes the young lady's achievement aside. Setting her sights on the Fiero clan's weakest link, the vindictive maid uncovers Ador's dirty little secret. A terrifying memory haunts Aidan.

5. Exposed


While Carlos and Doña Cielo question the Pavias' lavish lifestyle, an oblivious Stella informs Ador about her latest recruit. A painful discovery concerning Rizza fuels Mila and Abe's resolve to bring the Fieros down.

6. Regrets


Abe, still consumed by his sickening discovery, looks back on how his past actions resulted in his wife's tragic fate. Carlos learns of Ador’s dirty secret through an anonymous tip.

7. Family of the Year


Receiving a prestigious award, the Fieros put up a united front. However, a disgusting video drags the family through the mire during their most glorious night, much to Mila's delight.

8. Banished


While Mila and Lala keep Stella safe from the Fieros' fury, Ador suffers severe consequences for his scandalous actions. The influential clan scrambles to their feet to save their reputation.

9. Muddy the Waters


After confronting her husband about his lies, Feliz defies her own family as she insists on taking Ador back into the mansion. Aidan cleans up Ador's mess, much to Mila's dismay. Meanwhile, Stella plans to strike while the iron is hot.

10. Out of Sight, Out of Mind


Chiara and her cousins head out of town to avoid trouble. With nothing else to use against the Fieros, Mila and her team set their sights on their next target. Unbeknownst to them, Stella reaches out to Ador.

11. Control


Mila blames herself for failing to rescue Stella. With Ador as the prime suspect, the Fieros start devising a countermeasure as Inspector Onore begins investigating Stella's death. Chiara and Nico cross paths again.

12. Who's that Girl?


Abe alerts Mila as the Fieros and the police go after the mysterious woman caught on CCTV the night Stella died. Later, an oblivious Ador warns the vindictive maid against ratting him out.

13. Diversion


While the Fieros come up with a plan to clear their tarnished reputation, Max discovers Feliz's expensive diversion from her problems. Atty. Olga stumbles upon a piece of favorable information about Stella.

14. Outing


Chief Isidro presents the culprit behind Stella's death to the media, but Lemuel senses something amiss about the case. Chiara, her cousins, and their friends set out for a quick escapade. Meanwhile, Mila sees a different side of Aidan.

15. Adventure


In an attempt to make it up to Feliz, Ador offers financial help for her gambling debts. Mila and Aidan search together for the missing rooster, while Nico gets a chance to make a good impression on Chiara.

16. Rescue


Nico and Chiara brim with joy when they finally get rescued from the island. Feliz tries to hide her gargantuan gambling debt from her family, only to get shaken to the core when Hector directly contacts Cielo.

17. Double Cross


Carlos agrees to help Feliz with her gambling debts despite his sister's unwillingness to follow his condition. Much to Mila's distress, the Fiero scion soon prepares an underhanded ploy against Hector.

18. Money Trail


Problems continue to pile up on Carlos as he deals with Feliz’s mess. Mila's closeness with Aidan piques the curiosity of her fellow housemaids. Lemuel refuses to let the mysterious woman slip through his fingers following the robbing incident.

19. Closing In


The Fieros run scared as Chiara goes missing amid a looming threat, only for Tonet and Clint to find their cousin with Nico. While Leona negotiates with Hector, the oblivious Carlos tracks down the mysterious group that ruined his plan.

20. Unexpected


Mila and her team find a way to outmaneuver Carlos' men in the nick of time. Just when the vindictive maid makes another attempt to win over her overbearing boss, a heated argument ensues between Carlos and Leona.

21. Closer


Wanting to become independent from her family, Feliz asks Cielo to give her the inheritance her late father left her. Mila remains undetected at the Fiero’s mansion, unaware that a pair of probing eyes has set its sights on her.

22. Next Target


Carlos agrees to help Feliz and Ador as his sister remains determined to stand on her own feet. While Lemuel attempts to figure out Mila's link to Stella's case, the vengeful maid informs Abe about Leona's argument with Carlos.

23. Distraction


Leona swells with pride when her efforts begin to pay off until Carlos steals her thunder. Mila helps an intoxicated Aidan return to his room, unaware that Precious is carefully watching her every move.

24. Make Lemonade Out of Lemons


As Mila becomes a target of malicious gossip in the mansion, Aidan and Carlos step in to clear her name and save her from Doña Cielo's fury. Unbeknownst to the Fieros, this gives the vindictive maid a new idea to reach her goals.

25. Uncovered


Ador confesses to Carlos and Leona his past involvement with Mila, prompting the Fieros to go after their suspicious maid. Later, Lemuel finds an opportunity to subtly interrogate Mila after saving her from a dangerous situation.

26. No Escape


Shocked upon seeing her husband strangling Mila, Feliz reminds Ador and Carlos about the last time someone died within their household. Rolando, meanwhile, breaks out in a cold sweat as Alexa remains nowhere to be found.

27. Panic


Aidan learns about Mila's disappearance as the former maid desperately attempts to break free from the Fieros' clutches. Chiara heads back to San Fermin, only to catch sight of Nico and Tonet together.

28. Unlikely Hero


Mila seizes the opportunity to convince Aidan of her innocence after the latter unexpectedly came to her rescue. The rivalry between Chiara and Tonet intensifies.

29. Suspicion


After being reprimanded by Leona, Chiara vents her frustrations on Mila when the maid's sudden return to the Fiero household arouses suspicions involving Aidan. In the dead of the night, Carlos sees his wife sneaking out of the house.

30. Exposed


Mila keeps her guard up as the Fieros remain suspicious of her and keep tabs on her every move. Later, Leona basks in satisfaction after outsmarting Carlos' private investigator tailing her.

31. Simmering


Leona confronts Hector for compromising the exclusivity of her business, unaware that her husband is watching her from afar. Burning with jealousy, Carlos comes up with a way to get back at the gangster, putting Lala’s mission in jeopardy.

32. All Eyes


Abe thinks of a way to turn the tide in their favor as the Fiero household remains suspicious of Mila. Crossing paths with Nico at school, Chiara continues to give him the cold shoulder.

33. The Lioness Den


Aidan decides to be on his mother's tail upon seeing Leona leave their house. With the help of a reluctant Lala, Max goes undercover as Hector's fighter to infiltrate the Lioness Den.

34. Ultimatum


Leona finds herself between a rock and a hard place as Aidan struggles to accept her underground business. Meanwhile, Mila and her team brew another plan to wreak havoc upon the Fieros.

35. Ready to Rumble


While the Fieros are on pins and needles because of the closure of their largest business, an unconcerned Leona finds a reason to continue her secret dealings. Unknown to her, a nerve-racking scene awaits her in the Lioness Den.

36. Dangerous


While Leona is trying to stop her son’s match, an accident in the ring leaves Aidan in a state of shock. Carlos tortures Gary into revealing his wife’s secret.

37. Anticipation


While Lemuel begins his investigation on the mysterious brawl victim, Aidan and Leona try to make their life appear normal. Alexa's team prepares to expose the latest Fiero scandal, only to be caught off guard by Nico's surprise.

38. Gotcha


Aidan refuses to throw Leona under the bus despite facing a serious criminal charge. A misunderstanding arises between Nico and Rolando when the latter rejects his son's scholarship offer.

39. Cover the Tracks


Leona and Olga try to cover up traces of the Lioness Den as Carlos and the police leave no stone unturned to uncover the whole truth. Rolando gets reminded of his past mistakes following a disagreement with Nico.

40. Wrath


With Lala and Max's persuasion, Rolando finally allows Nico to attend his dream school. After squeezing the truth out of Vernon, Carlos flies into a rage as he confronts Leona about her alleged lover and the Lioness Den.

41. Getting Out of Trouble


Alexa reminds Rolando to be more careful now that Nico is in Alhambra. Despite getting out of prison, Aidan remains troubled as he gets hounded by memories of Olivia’s death.

42. Sense of Truth


With Leona on Doña Cielo's bad side, Feliz and Ador find an opportunity to be involved in the family business. Mila gets a whiff of truth about Olivia's disappearance when Aidan experiences another nightmare.

43. Weight of Guilt


Mila arrives just in time to stop a sorrow-stricken Aidan from his attempt to end his misery, only to hear his vague confession. Feliz, meanwhile, steps up her game in hopes of impressing Doña Cielo.

44. Convincing


Despite her doubts, Leona instructs Mila to watch over Aidan upon realizing how much her son trusts the maid. Nico tries to adjust to his new school. Chief Isidro presents Lemuel with a convincing lead about Miguel's case.

45. Right All Along


While Mila uses her new role to push for their hidden agenda, Abe preys on another member of the Fiero household. Lemuel inches closer to the truth as Miguel regains consciousness.

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