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Image Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Release Date 2023-03-24
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Drama, Soap, Family
Stars Neil Bhatt, Siddharth Bodke, Shailesh Datar, Mridul Kumar, Adish Vaidya
Directors Vishal Vatwani, Ashish Singh, Leena Gangopadhyay, Jaydeep Sen, Siddhartha Vankar

Virat sacrifices his love to honour the promise he made to a dying man. Trapped between the past and the present, will he find love beyond the chains of duty?

1. Meet Virat, an IPS Officer!


Sai, a fearless girl encounters Gadchiroli's deadliest goon, Jagthap Mane. On the other hand, an astonishing piece of news awaits Virat Chavan and his family!

2. Pakhi to Virat's Rescue


Jagthap sets a trap for Kamal to get Sai alone in a room while Virat encounters a problem before the Puja. Later, Pakhi's arrival saves Virat.

3. Virat Rescues Pakhi


Inspector Kamal slaps Jagthap and punishes him mercilessly. At the camp, Virat saves Pakhi from falling into the fire.

4. Sai's Selfless Sacrifice


While Virat and Pakhi long for each other, Sai witnesses a disturbing nightmare. Later, Sai makes a huge sacrifice to save Inspector Kamal's life.

5. Virat's Unspoken Words


Virat struggles to express his feelings for Pakhi. On the other hand, Sai gives good news to her family.

6. Samrat Returns Home!


Before Virat's departure, Ninad reveals a shocking truth while Samrat's entry surprises the family. Later, Pakhi decides to take matters into her own hands.

7. Virat's Grand Welcome


During the welcoming ceremony, Sai get enraged as Kamal agrees to Virat's request. While dejection strikes Pakhi, Sai notices Jagthap and his men meeting Virat.

8. Samrat Meets Pakhi


While Sai storms into Virat's residence to vent her frustration at him, Samrat and the Chavans meet Pakhi and her parents. Later, Jagthap causes trouble.

9. Virat Makes a Promise


Virat slaps Jagthap for misbehaving with Inspector Kamal while Samrat and Pakhi's marriage gets fixed. Later, Virat makes a stern promise to Samrat.

10. Pakhi Is Heartbroken


A heartbroken Pakhi yearns for Virat while Jagthap and his gang await Sai's arrival. Later, Kamal puts forth a humble request to Virat regarding Sai.

11. Sai Gets Abducted?


Sai receives an award from Virat at her school's function while Pakhi's Mehendi ceremony commences. At midnight, Jagthap and his men attempt to kidnap Sai.

12. Virat's Unexpected Disclosure


Samrat's Haldi ceremony commences while Kamal threatens Vithal. Elsewhere, Virat's unexpected disclosure leaves Pakhi rattled.

13. Virat's Final Decision


Pakhi and her parents are taken aback by Virat's unexpected ultimatum. Elsewhere, Sai tricks Jagthap and attempts to escape from the godown.

14. Pakhi, Samrat's Sangeet Ceremony


Inspector Kamal tracks down Jagthap's location while Sai makes a narrow escape. Elsewhere, Pakhi and Samrat's Sangeet ceremony commences in high spirits.

15. Pakhi's Promise to Virat


Virat feels jealous witnessing Samrat and Pakhi's dance performance. Later, an emotional Pakhi makes a promise to Virat as he recalls his childhood.

16. Pakhi's Emotional Outburst


Samrat overhears Virat and Sunny's private conversation while Shailesh consoles an emotional Pakhi. Elsewhere, Jagthap gears up to marry Sai.

17. Virat's Shocking Announcement!


Sai accidentally starts a fire in an attempt to escape Jagthap and his mother. During Pakhi and Samrat's wedding, Virat makes a shocking announcement.

18. Jagthap, Sai Get Married?


Samrat and Pakhi's wedding goes off without a hitch. While Virat rushes to help Kamal, Jagthap and Sai's wedding ceremony commences.

19. Virat's Gruelling Task


The Chavans witness a horrifying disaster as Pakhi enters the house. Elsewhere, Virat is on a mission to rescue Sai from Jagthap's goons.

20. Pakhi's Emotional Outburst


Sai is concerned about inspector Kamal's poor health condition. Elsewhere, Pakhi pours her heart out to Virat, unaware that Samrat is hearing her statements.

21. Samrat Learns the Truth?


An intoxicated Samrat presumes Pakhi and Virat double-crossed him. Elsewhere, Sai is in for a surprise as Samrat and Pakhi's post-wedding rituals begin.

22. Samrat Leaves the Chavan Mansion


Inspector Kamal is delighted to meet Inspector Pawar after his yoga session. Meanwhile, Samrat leaves the Chavan mansion to rejoin the armed forces.

23. Virat's Alternative Plan


Virat strikes an alternative plan to track down Jagthap's whereabouts. At the Chavan mansion, Devyani overhears Pakhi's telephonic conversation with Virat.

24. Virat Is in Danger!


Pakhi manages to diffuse a tense situation at home while Sai vents her frustration to Kamal. Later, an attack leaves Virat in grave danger.

25. Virat Makes a Promise


Virat makes a promise to Inspector Kamal after reading Vithal's letter. Elsewhere, Karishma learns about Virat and Pakhi's affair and shares it with Ashwini.

26. Ashwini Targets Pakhi


Virat gives Vithal and his goons a stern warning. At the Chavan mansion, Ashwini targets Pakhi at the dining table, leaving the family perplexed.

27. Pakhi's Imagination Runs Wild


Ninad makes a shocking announcement about Samrat to the Chavans. Elsewhere, Pakhi imagines a romantic scenario with Virat.

28. Virat's Unusual Disguise


While the Chavans are unable to digest the news of Samrat's sudden disappearance, Pakhi decides to leave the house. Elsewhere, a disguised Virat meets Sai.

29. Ninad Loses His Cool!


Ashwini's statement leaves Pakhi in a state of shock. Later, Ninad threatens to throw Ashwini out of the house.

30. Virat to Arrest Vithal


The Chavans are left heartbroken as Samrat's luggage returns home. Elsewhere, Virat attempts to arrest Vithal when he threatens to kill Pari.

31. Pakhi in a Tough Spot


Kamal and Virat attempt to rescue Pari while Vithal gets arrested. Elsewhere, Bhavani's unexpected question leaves Pakhi in a tough spot.

32. Sai's Happy Homecoming!


Virat tells Sai that she can now go back to Nagpur and drops her home. While Sai asks Kamal to stay away from harm's way, the latter asks Virat for an honorarium.

33. Kamal's Heroic Move


Inspector Kamal and Virat lay a trap to arrest Jagthap and his goons. While Ashwini berates Ninad, Kamal makes the ultimate sacrifice for Virat.

34. Virat's Emotional Outburst


Virat gets emotional as Kamal's health deteriorates. Later, he learns a shocking piece of news about Samrat from Pakhi.

35. Sai Is Inconsolable


Unable to accept Inspector Kamal's death, Sai turns inconsolable at the hospital. Elsewhere, Mansi tries to leave the Chavan mansion in search of Samrat.

36. An Emotional Moment for Virat


Virat offers to perform Inspector Kamal's last rites while a dejected Sai is unable to get over his death. Later, Virat offers to fund Sai's higher studies.

37. Virat Consoles Sai


Virat recalls his promise to Inspector Kamal while consoling a disheartened Sai. Meanwhile, Pakhi loses consciousness at the temple.

38. Sai to Commit Suicide?


Virat packs his bags and leaves Gadchiroli, while Pakhi's parents visit the Chavan mansion. In the meantime, an emotional Sai attempts to end her life.

39. Virat's Heroic Act


Virat rushes Sai to the hospital and offers to donate his blood to save her. Later, he finds himself in a dilemma as the situation slips out of control.

40. Virat Receives Guidance


Shivani motivates Mansi while Karishma discovers a horrifying truth. Elsewhere, Virat receives guidance from Ninad and Sai regains consciousness.

41. Virat's Strange Nightmare


Virat experiences a nightmare while the Chavans learn about Shivani's false prediction. Later, he makes a shocking announcement regarding Sai.

42. Sai Questions Virat


Sai firmly informs her well-wishers that she will not marry Virat. Later, Virat is in a dilemma when Sai questions him about Pakhi.

43. Will Virat Spill the Truth?


Sai's Haldi ceremony commences in high spirits while Ashwini gives Pakhi a stern warning. Later, Virat decides to spill the truth about his wedding.

44. Sai, Virat Get Hitched


Karishma observes Pakhi growing restless to meet Virat while Sai and him tie the knot. Later, Vithal arrives in the middle of Sai's Kanyadaan ceremony.

45. Wedding Bells for Virat, Sai


Virat slaps Vithal when he tries to wreak havoc in his marriage. Later, Pakhi is shell-shocked as Virat and Sai's wedding takes place successfully.

46. Pakhi Is Shattered


Sai's well-wishers welcome the Chavans at the marriage as she meets Pakhi. Later, Pakhi is shattered when Virat tries to justify his decision of marriage.

47. Sai's Vidai Ceremony


Pakhi and Sai meet for the first time after Virat introduces them to one another. Later, Sai gets emotional during her Vidai ceremony.

48. Virat Returns Home


Virat manages to convince Usha in accompanying them to the Chavan mansion. While Pakhi is heartbroken, Virat and Sai get an unusual welcome.

49. Ashwini's Motherly Gesture


While Bhavani keeps humiliating Sai and Usha, Ashwini stops her and acknowledges Virat and Sai's marriage. Later, Devi shares a secret with Sai.

50. Dejection Strikes Virat


Virat grows dejected after facing the family's shocking response about his decision while Pakhi is left heartbroken. Later, Sai pours her heart out to Ashwini.

51. Pakhi Confronts Virat


Bhavani rebukes Virat after he tries to justify his decision of marrying Sai. While a shattered Pakhi confronts Virat, Sai overhears their conversation.

52. Sai's Shocking Refusal


Ashwini loses her cool when Bhavani badmouths Sai in front of the family. While Ashwini confronts Pakhi, Sai refuses to perform a post-wedding ritual.

53. Sai Taunts Virat


Bhavani is enraged after Sai asks Ashwini about the truth behind Devyani's mental condition. Later, Sai taunts Virat regarding his closeness with Pakhi.

54. Bhavani to Leave the House?


While Virat and Sai's post-wedding rituals take place, Bhavani decides to leave the Chavan mansion. Later, Sai puts forth a condition to the family.

55. Sai, Virat's Wedding Reception


Virat requests Pakhi help Sai get ready for the wedding reception. While he manages to convince Mansi to attend, the guests arrive for the function.

56. Sai Loses Her Cool


During the wedding reception, Sai gets angry when the Chavans speak ill about Inspector Kamal Joshi. Later, Virat admires Sai when she taunts Bhavani.

57. A Strange Predicament for Virat


Pakhi gets upset when she finds the decoration for Virat and Sai's first night. Later, Virat is in an awkward situation when Pakhi and Sai get mad at each other.

58. A Surprise for Sai


Virat surprises Sai during her post-wedding ceremony, leaving the Chavans startled. Later, Sai enjoys spending some quality time with Devyani.

59. Virat, Sai's Heated Argument


Sai tells Ashwini about Pakhi coming to her room the previous night while Virat shows concern for the latter. Furthermore, Virat and Sai get into a heated argument.

60. Wild Allegations against Virat


Virat faces wild allegations at work. Later, Pakhi tries to diffuse the situation as Virat gets into an argument with Sai.

61. Sai's Bold Step


Pakhi supports Virat after a heated argument takes place between him and Sai. Later, Sai heads out of the Chavan mansion without informing the elders.

62. Pakhi Instigates Virat


Pakhi tries to instigate Virat against Sai. While Sai decides to file a police complaint against Virat's family, Ashwini loses her cool.

63. Sai Faces Accusations


Upon returning to the Chavan mansion, Sai faces wild accusations from the family. Later, a heated argument erupts between Sai and Pakhi.

64. Pakhi Leaves the Chavan Mansion


Pakhi is heartbroken as Virat and Sai come close. The next day, she leaves the Chavan mansion and returns to her house.

65. Sai Stands Her Ground


Ashwini supports Sai after she faces the family's humiliation. Meanwhile, Sai stands her ground after Bhawani asks her to apologise to Pakhi.

66. Virat Rebukes Sai


Virat scolds Sai for being insecure about his closeness with Pakhi. Later, Pakhi blatantly refuses when Virat requests her to return home.

67. Sai to Convince Pakhi?


Sai visits the Patils and attempts to convince Pakhi to return to the Chavan mansion. Meanwhile, Virat gets tensed by Sai's sudden disappearance.

68. Pakhi Changes Her Mind


Virat manages to convince Pakhi and she returns to the Chavan mansion. Later, the Chavans warmly welcome her back home.

69. Virat's Astonishing Confession


While Virat makes a shocking revelation to the family, Sai panics about her results. Later, Sai and Virat spend some blissful time together.

70. Luck Favours Sai


Virat decides to take a day off from his work while Sai is overjoyed after her good result. Later, Virat asks Sai to do the unthinkable.

71. Bhawani's Unthinkable Act


Sai yearns for Kamal and breaks down. While Ashwini rebukes Sai for crossing the line, Bhawani does the unthinkable.

72. Virat's Surprise for Sai


Virat plans a lovely surprise for Sai. While Pakhi is filled with despair, Sai expresses her gratitude towards Virat.

73. Bhavani's Stern Objection


Sai and Virat engage in a friendly banter while Pakhi grows dejected seeing them together. Later, Bhawani expresses her objection to Sai's education.

74. Virat Defends Sai


The Chavans are in disbelief when Virat supports Sai to pursue her higher studies. However, Bhavani attempts to create obstacles for Sai in seeking admissions.

75. Bhawani's Cunning Plan


Bhawani brews a cunning plan against Ashwini while Sai lands in huge trouble. Later, Sai and Virat engage in a heated argument.

76. Pakhi's Shocking Decision


Virat and Sai spend some quality time while Pakhi's unexpcted decision leaves the family startled. Later, Virat saves Sai from grave danger.

77. The Family Confronts Virat, Sai


Bhawani accepts Pakhi's demand while Virat and Sai face the family's harsh confrontation. Later, Ashwini rebukes Sai for her reckless act.

78. Sai Admires Virat


Virat criticises the stern norms of the house after he loses his cool. While Sai lauds Virat, Bhawani brews a cunning plan against her.

79. Sai Lands in Trouble


Sai makes a heartfelt apology to Ashwini and returns home. When Bhawani assigns Sai a task for a religious occasion, the latter lands in trouble.

80. Virat's Advice to Sai


Pakhi taunts Virat for supporting Sai. While the family encounters a chaotic situation, Virat gives Sai a valuable piece of advice.

81. Sai Is in a Fix


Karishma voices her support to Pakhi for berating Sai. While Virat's shocking demand leaves Sai in a fix, Shivani unexpectedly arrives at her college.

82. Sai Senses Trouble


Sai feels peculiar upon noticing Shivani and Amay's increasing closeness. Later, the Chavans are perplexed when an angry group of women enter the house.

83. Shivani Faces Confrontation


Shivani feels shattered after she learns a shocking truth about Amay. While she faces accusations, Sai takes a firm stand.

84. Sai Lays a Trap


The Chavans reprimand Virat for Sai's immature behaviour. On the other hand, Sai lays a trap to expose Amay and prove Shivani's innocence.

85. Virat Gets Mad at Sai


A furious Virat expresses his displeasure at Sai's plan of exposing Amay. The next day, Bhawani creates a scene as Sai ignores the household chores.

86. Virat's Outrageous Act


Virat asks Sai to apologise to the family while Ashwini takes a firm stand for her. Later, Virat shoots an allegation at Ashwini much to everyone's shock.

87. Sai's Ingenious Plan


Sai plays a trick on Karishma to teach her a lesson. While Sai sets up a honey trap to make Amay spill the beans, the Chavans are in for a shock.

88. Shivani's Fierce Outburst


Filled with rage, Shivani slaps Amay while an emotional Ashwini shares her miseries with Sai. Elsewhere, Bhawani asks Pakhi to teach Sai a lesson.

89. Virat, Sai's Heated Debate


Pakhi is worried when Virat arrives home late. Later, the Chavans overhear Sai and Virat's heated argument.

90. Sai, Pakhi at Loggerheads


Virat loses control over the situation as Sai and Pakhi are at loggerheads. Later, Sai notices Pakhi trying to come closer with Virat while feeding food.

91. Devyani Reveals Her Past to Sai


Sai is startled as Devyani recalls her past and narrates some horrifying incidents. Later, Sai and Bhavani get into a fight while having breakfast.

92. Sai's Stubborn Stance


Sai runs into Pulkit who is a guest lecturer at her medical college. At home, Sai develops a fever and refuses to eat her food.

93. Sai's Firm Decision


Sai takes a stand about the household works while Bhawani humiliates Usha. Meanwhile, Sai gives a fitting reply to Pakhi's taunts.

94. Sai Teaches Pakhi a Lesson


Sai decides to teach Pakhi a stern lesson for her taunts. Her plan backfires when the family takes a stand for Pakhi.

95. Bhavani Nurses Pakhi's Wounds


Sai decides to take Pulkit's help to know more about the medications given to Devyani. Meanwhile, Bhavani nurses Pakhi's wounds and swears revenge on Sai.

96. Virat Gets Jealous!


Sai tells Virat about her college friend Aniket who is an excellent singer, making him jealous. Unknowingly, their harmless banter turns into a full blown argument.

97. Pakhi's Opportunistic Act


Sai and Virat's relationship turns bitter while Pakhi takes the advantage of the situation. Later, Bhawani puts forth a sharp accusation at Ashwini.

98. Sai Stands Her Ground


Sonali humiliates Ashwini by asking her some shocking questions. While Virat gives Aniket a stern warning, Sai refuses to obey Bhawani's orders.

99. Pakhi Instigates Bhavani


While Sai refuses to wear alta even after Bhavani forces her, Pakhi instigates the family. Later, Ashwini brings new clothes for Sai with some words of advice.

100. Virat Gets Agitated


Ashwini explains to a reluctant Sai that Virat does harbour feelings for her. Upon hearing the family's complains about Sai, Virat gets annoyed.

101. Pakhi Grows Envious


Pakhi burns with jealousy when Virat and Sai perform a ritual together. She taunts Virat about his growing concerns for Sai.

102. Virat Tends to Sai


Virat asks Sai if she loves him while tending to her allergies. Later, she gets emotional as he feeds her. Are they falling in love?

103. Reality Strikes Sai


Ashwini taunts Bhawani for being biased towards Pakhi. While Virat encounters Viji, Aniket reveals a shocking truth to Sai.

104. Sai Worries for Virat


The family is furious when Mohit informs them that he has quit his job. Later, Sai gets anxious when Virat does not return home on time.

105. Sai Clears the Air


Virat and Sai face an angry family when they return home. While Sai clears the misunderstanding, Bhavani gives them some grave news.

106. Ashwini Stands Her Ground


Ashwini asks Pakhi to book three tickets so that Sai can go with Virat to Ladakh. While the family chastises her decision, Ashwini stands firm with her decision.

107. Virat at Sai's College!


Virat visits Sai's college on a special request from the principal. Later, Aniket makes him give Sai a bouquet of roses on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

108. Virat Celebrates Valentine's Day


Virat brings chocolates and roses for everyone on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Later, Pakhi creates a scene, and the family misunderstands Virat.

109. Sai Humiliates Pakhi


Virat and Sai engage in friendly banter. While Sai tells Pulkit about Virat, the latter rebukes her for humiliating Pakhi.

110. Pulkit Recalls the Past


Sai grows possessive about Virat while Pakhi taunts her. Meanwhile, Pulkit grows emotional as he recalls the past after Sai makes a revelation.

111. Sai Gets a Clue


Upon witnessing Devyani's reaction at Pulkit's name, Sai gets a clue. Later, Sai takes a strong stand against Bhavani.

112. Virat Stands by Sai


Virat supports Sai when she defends Mohit and schools Pakhi when she tries to taunt Sai. Later, an emotional Sonali bursts out at Omkar.

113. Pakhi's Furious Outburst


Virat discloses that Sai will be joining along for the trip. While Virat defends his decision, Pakhi has an outburst and does the unthinkable.

114. Virat Loses His Composure


Witnessing Pakhi's outburst, Virat loses his calm and tells her the reason for bringing Sai along. Later, Sonali and Karishma instigate Pakhi further.

115. Sai Grows Curious


At the college, Sai gets curious when Pulkit asks for the Chavans. At midnight, a heated argument erupts between Virat and Sai over Pakhi.

116. Sai Is Questioned


Sai motivates Mohit to follow his passion. When the Chavans question her about her lunch plans with the college professor Sai maintains her calm.

117. Virat's Stern Objection


Shivani rebukes the family while Virat sternly objects to Sai's meeting with Pulkit. Later, Sai takes a shocking step much against the family's will.

118. Pulkit's Shocking Revelation


Pakhi harshly criticises Virat's decision of marrying Sai. Later, Pulkit's shocking revelation leaves Sai stunned.

119. Virat's Shocking Decision


Sai returns home to the taunts of the family members. While Ashwini decides to bring food for Sai, Virat stops her and declares that Sai will not get food for the entire day.

120. Mohit Takes a Stand


Mohit takes a stand for Sai against the family and expresses his disappointment in Virat's behaviour. Unaware of Virat's repentance, Sai takes a drastic decision.

121. Virat Surprises Sai


Virat consoles Sai when she plans to leave the Chavan mansion with Usha. Later, Sai is amused as Virat gives her a surprise.

122. Pakhi Taunts Sai


Virat and Sai have a friendly banter over food, and the former feeds her. Pakhi witnesses this and taunts them.

123. Sai's Harsh Confrontation


Ashwini rebukes Pakhi for interfering in Virat and Sai's matters. Later, Sai confronts the family for questioning Virat about his closeness with her.

124. Virat Stands with Sai


Sai decides to leave the house, but Virat assures her that he will not let her go away. While the family is rendered speechless, he takes her to the temple.

125. Pulkit Spills the Beans


Pulkit bares his heart to Sai about his relationship with Devyani. Meanwhile, Bhavani fears a predicament on the day of Mahashivratri.

126. Pulkit's Shocking Arrival


Devyani has a shocking outburst after Sai tells her the truth about Pulkit. Meanwhile, Pulkit's unexpected arrival leaves the family baffled.

127. Devyani's Shocking Refusal


The family has a furious outburst after Pulkit gets adamant about meeting Devyani. However, everyone gets a shock when Devyani refuses to recognise Pulkit.

128. A Shocker for Virat


Ninad lashes out at Sai for opposing Bhavani and approaches to hit her, but Virat comes in between. Later, a shocked Virat comes to know about Devyani and Pulkit's marriage.

129. Pulkit's Solemn Promise


Pulkit promises Devyani that he will return to marry her. While Virat and Sai bat for Devyani, Bhavani spills a grave secret to Pakhi.

130. Sai Spills the Truth


Bhawani asks Pakhi to manipulate Virat against Devyani and Pulkit's marriage. Later, Sai spills a shocking truth to Virat about Pulkit and Devyani.

131. Sai and Bhavani at Loggerheads


While Virat and Sai plan Devyani's wedding, Bhavani tries her best to stop it. Later, Sai defends her actions in front of Bhavani.

132. Bhawani's Outrageous Act


Pulkit sends some lovely gifts to Devyani. While Sai refuses to open the gifts in front of the family, Bhawani does the unthinkable.

133. Sai Overpowers Bhavani


Sai forces Bhavani to clean the mess she and Ninad created by threatening to expose her. Later, she throws another challenge at Bhavani.

134. Pakhi's Instigating Move


Virat and Sai get into a cute banter when the latter asks him for money. Later, Pakhi tries to instigate Virat against Pulkit.

135. Pakhi's Sly Act


Sai plans to buy a gift for Devyani while Pakhi attempts to manipulate Virat against the wedding. Later, Virat's unexpected question leaves Madhuri startled.

136. Pakhi Receives a Mysterious Letter


Pakhi receives a mysterious letter from someone, who claims to be Pulkit’s wife. While Sai believes in Pulkit, Virat decides to investigate the same.

137. Sai confronts Pulkit


Virat doubts Pulkit's intentions while Sai confronts Pulkit about his relationship with Madhuri. Later, Virat is hell-bent to find out the truth.

138. Virat Disbelieves Sai


Virat brings proof about Pulkit being married and disbelieves Sai. Later, Virat tells Devyani about Pulkit, and the family berates Sai.

139. Sai's Vow for Devyani


Sai takes a firm decision to unite Devyani and Pulkit. Meanwhile, Bhavani thanks Pakhi for providing false proof against Pulkit!

140. Can Sai Convince Virat?


Sai tries to convince Virat that somebody is trying to frame Pulkit. While Virat decides to reinvestigate the case, Sai and Pakhi have a heated argument.

141. Bhavani's Request to Sai


The family doctor suggests the Chavans to get Devyani admitted to the hospital. Later, Bhavani makes a shocking request to Sai on Devyani's behalf.

142. What are Omkar, Ninad Up to?


Sai gets worried when Pulkit goes missing and fails to attend to her phone calls. Elsewhere, Omkar and Ninad hatch a diabolical plan against Pulkit.

143. What Is Bhavani Up to?


Devyani turns inconsolable when Sai fails to bring Pulkit home. While Sai grows worried by his sudden disappearance, Bhavani is up to something fishy.

144. Devyani's Emotional Outburst


The Chavans face a tough time comforting Devyani as she undergoes an emotional outburst. An angry Bhavani accuses Sai of her impulsive nature.

145. Emotional Time for Sai


Bhavani unleashes her wrath upon Sai and blames her for everything. On learning about Pulkit's innocence, Sai confronts the family and speaks in support of him.

146. Ashwini Berates Sai


Ashwini vents her anger on Sai for defending Pulkit without having any proof of his innocence. Later, Sai gets some information about Pulkit.

147. A Shocker for Sai


When Sai searches Pulkit's car, she finds his wallet and assumes that he has been kidnapped. She decides to lodge a police complaint when she receives a message from him.

148. Pulkit’s Risky Move


Pulkit takes a huge risk and sends a video message to Sai, showing that he is kidnapped. On the other hand, Sai finds out the culprits behind the crime.

149. Sai Plays a Game


After finding out the truth, Sai pretends to frame Pulkit and apologises to Bhavani. Later, her act makes her win Bhavani’s trust.

150. Sai, Madhuri Are on a Mission


Sai and Madhuri gang up to find Pulkit's whereabouts. While Bhavani grows suspicious of Sai's motive, the latter overhears Bhavani's conversation.

151. Sai's Plan Fails


Ashwini spots Sai leaving the house at night and informs Bhavani about it. While Bhavani warns Ninad about Sai, the latter fails to follow Ninad.

152. Can Pulkit Stop Sai?


Madhuri gets baffled after she finds Pulkit in a miserable condition. Later, Pulkit tries to stop Sai from revealing a grave truth to Virat.

153. Sai Hides the Truth


Sai cooks up a story to hide Bhawani's misdeeds from Virat and Ashwini. Later, Virat apologises to Sai for his past misbehaviour.

154. The Chavans Celebrate Holi


The Chavans enjoy their time celebrating Holi on a colourful note. In the meantime, Virat admires Sai and decides to confess his love to her.

155. The Chavans are Intoxicated!


While celebrating Holi on a colourful note, the Chavans get highly intoxicated. Later, they enjoy the dance performance of a special guest.

156. Virat Confesses His Love


The Chavans appreciate the exceptional dance performed by their special guest. Later, Virat pours his heart out to Sai amidst the celebrations.

157. Pulkit Expresses His Fear


Virat and Sai share a romantic moment. While Pulkit expresses his fear to Madhuri, Sai asks Devyani not to lose hope in her love for Pulkit.

158. Sai Helps Devyani Escape


While the Chavan family celebrates Holi, Sai helps Devyani escape the house to marry Pulkit. Later, Virat makes an important decision.

159. A Shocker for the Chavans


Sai arrives at the wedding venue with Devyani while Bhavani grows suspicious. Meanwhile, the family gets shocked after learning a grave truth.

160. Pulkit's Surprise for Devyani


Virat loses his faith in Sai as she and Devyani go missing. Elsewhere, Pulkit organises a surprise for Devyani.

161. Bhavani Gets Furious


Bhavani gets furious as she holds Sai responsible for stealing the letter. On the other hand, Virat traces Sai's location while the latter is busy welcoming Pulkit's Baarat.

162. Virat Stops the Wedding


Virat reaches the venue and stops Pulkit and Devyani's wedding. Ignoring Pulkit's pleadings, he decides to arrest him and Sai.

163. Pulkit Marries Devyani


After overcoming all the hurdles, Pulkit marries Devyani. Later, Virat assures a frantic Bhavani of taking strict action against Sai.

164. Virat Resents Sai


Virat’s hatred reaches its peak and he decides to throw Sai out of his house. Meanwhile, Ashwini supports Sai and requests a chance to prove it.

165. Sai Stays Quiet


While Virat demands answers for Sai's actions, she stays quiet to keep the promise she made to Pulkit. Later, she is asked to leave the house for good.

166. Pakhi Utilizes the Opportunity


While Sai puts forth her views on Devyani and Pulkit's wedding, a reluctant Virat throws her out of the house. Later, Pakhi manipulates Virat against Sai.

167. Pakhi's Offensive Comment


Virat lashes out at Sai after spotting her outside the Chavan mansion. While Pakhi makes an offensive comment about Sai, Usha loses her cool.

168. Sai's Bold Move


Fed up with their insults, a furious Sai exposes the Chavans to their neighbours. While Patralekha comes to inform this, Ashwini taunts her.

169. Sai Creates a Scene


The Chavans feel humiliated when Sai creates a scene outside the mansion. Later, she finds a shred of vital evidence to prove Pulkit's innocence.

170. Virat Apologises to Pulkit


Virat realises his mistake after uncovering Pulkit's original documents. He conveys his apology to Pulkit and plans to make amends with Sai.

171. Sai Returns to Gadchiroli


The villagers warmly welcome Sai and Usha back to Gadchiroli. On the other hand, Virat loses his cool over the Chavans when they accuse Sai.

172. Omkar Faces Allegations


The Chavans blame Omkar for causing trouble after Virat shows them evidence against him. Elsewhere, Sai recalls fond memories with Inspector Kamal Joshi.

173. Virat Departs for Gadchiroli


Virat forgives Omkar on a condition while Sonali reprimands him for his silly behaviour. Later, Virat visits Gadchiroli to bring Sai back home.

174. Virat Apologises to Sai


Virat seeks forgiveness from Sai and requests her to return home. However, she lashes out at hime and refuses to go back home.

175. Sai's Stern Refusal


Despite Barkha's advice, Sai refuses to forgive Virat. Later, the Chavans are shocked when Virat informs them about her decision.

176. Virat Blames the Chavans


Virat holds the Chavans responsible for turning him against Sai. Elsewhere, Barkha advises Sai to forgive Virat and give him a second chance.

177. Pakhi Is Heartbroken


Pakhi is shattered when Virat confesses that he has fallen in love with Sai. Later, she demands answers from him for choosing Sai over her.

178. Ashwini’s Strong Accusation


Pulkit asks Sai to forgive Virat, but she wants to forget him. Ashwini accuses Bhavani of tearing the family apart. Later, Virat goes out on a mission.

179. A Happy Moment for Devyani


Sai hallucinates Virat after Pulkit reminds her that she is missing him. Later, Pulkit introduces their daughter to a happy Devyani.

180. Sai Consoles Devyani


Devyani is heartbroken as Harini refuses to accept the former as her mother. While Virat fails to get in touch with Sai, the latter consoles an emotional Devyani.

181. Sai Gets Emotional


An emotional Sai tries to hide her feelings as she learns about Virat’s risky mission. Ashwini scolds Pakhi for trying to call Virat during his mission.

182. Virat Gets Shot


Sai grows worried about Virat and prays for his safety. Elsewhere, Virat is rushed to a hospital after he gets shot during the mission.

183. Pakhi, Sai Clash


Pakhi blocks Sai’s way when she comes to see Virat in the hospital. Later, Sai's demand to stay with Virat causes an intense argument between the two.

184. Sai Gets Emotional


Sai gets overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing Virat's condition. While she puts forth a condition in front of Pakhi, the latter receives advice from Ninad.

185. Pakhi's Stubborn Act


Virat convinces Pakhi to leave him alone as he places Sai above on his priority list. Later, Pakhi stops Sai when she comes to meet Virat in the hospital.

186. Sai Stands up to Pakhi


Sai takes a firm stand against Pakhi for preventing her from meeting Virat. Upon seeing them being affectionate towards each other, Pakhi feels vulnerable.

187. Sai Tends to Virat


Pakhi feels insulted as Virat chooses Sai over her. Later as Sai takes care of an ailing Virat, Pakhi informs the Chavans what happened at the hospital.

188. Ashwini Stands by Sai


Ashwini opposes the Chavans for expressing their displeasure about Sai's return. Meanwhile, Sai and Virat have a heartwarming conversation.

189. Sai to Return Home?


While Virat and Sai spend time together, Pakhi swears revenge against her. Later, Ashwini and Virat plead with Sai to return home.

190. Virat, Sai Return Home


Virat gets discharged from the hospital and returns home with Sai. While Bhavani expresses her displeasure, Virat opposes the Chavans for objecting to Sai's arrival.

191. Virat Defends Sai


Pakhi accuses Sai of insulting her when she forbids her to meet Virat. While Virat defends Sai, Bhavani takes Pakhi's side.

192. Sai Gets Emotional


Sai tells the family that she has returned just to take care of Virat. Later, Ashwini's gesture of motherly love overwhelms Sai.

193. Sai Invites Pulkit, Devyani


Pulkit and Devyani are invited to perform their post-wedding rituals. Meanwhile, Bhavani advises Pakhi to mend her differences with Virat.

194. Sai's Special Guests Arrive


Sai upsets the Chavans by inviting some guests without informing them. Later, they get shocked upon finding out the identity of the guests.

195. Bhavani's Arrogant Behaviour


Virat happily welcomes Pulkit and Devyani into the Chavan Mansion. Later, an arrogant Bhavani misbehaves with Pulkit and refuses to bless them.

196. Sai Shocks Bhavani


Bhavani feels uneasy after Sai asks her about Devyani's child. Later, she gets shocked when Sai tells the truth about Devyani's daughter.

197. Will Bhavani Accept Pulkit?


While Pulkit puts forth his pain and misery to Sai, she tries to convince Bhavani to trust him. Will the family accept Pulkit?

198. Bhavani Accepts Devyani


Upon being convinced by Sai, Bhavani forgives Devyani and accepts her. Meanwhile, Patralekha gets jealous looking at Virat and Sai as a couple.

199. Bhavani's Changed Perception


Bhavani tells Ninad how Sai helped her realise her love for Devyani. Meanwhile, Ashwini gets emotional when Sai talks about leaving.

200. Virat, Sai's Romantic Time!


Virat tries to confess his love for Sai and gets closer to her. Later, a jealous Patralekha gets into an argument with Sai.

201. Bhavani Thanks Sai


Bhavani appreciates Sai for reuniting her with Devyani. While Pakhi's plan to spend time with Virat fails, Sai worries about Devyani and Harinee.

202. Sai Consoles Pulkit


An excited Virat visits Harinee for the first time. Sai assures Pulkit as he worries about Harinee's misbehaviour with Devyani.

203. Virat's Ingenious Plan


Virat convinces Sai to reunite Harinee with her family as a surprise birthday gift. Later, Sai astonishes everybody by announcing Harinee's birthday.

204. Bhavani on the Stand


Sai gathers everyone to celebrate Harinee's birthday. She also insists Bhavani to tell everyone the truth about Harinee.

205. Bhavani Gets Blamed


The Chavans blame Bhavani for betraying Harinee. Bhavani finally agrees to attend Harinee's birthday for Devyani's sake.

206. Pakhi Refuses Virat


Virat and Sai decide to organise a play for Harinee's birthday. For this, Virat requests Pakhi to play Devyani's character, but she refuses.

207. The Chavans Welcome Harinee


After Pakhi decides to play Devyani's role, the Chavans prepare to welcome Harinee. Later, Harinee gets excited to meet her family members.

208. Harinee Embraces Devyani


Pakhi and Sai portray the roles of Devyani and Harinee. Recognising the characters, Harinee accepts Devyani as her mother and hugs her.

209. Pakhi Accuses Virat


Pakhi leaves the room when Devyani taunts her. Enraged and emotional, Pakhi blames Virat for betraying her feelings.

210. Virat Makes an Attempt


After Sai's unexpected reaction, Virat fails to clear her misunderstanding. Later, the Chavans cheerfully celebrate Harinee's birthday.

211. Virat Faces Allegations


While discussing family planning with the Chavans, Sai faces humiliation. Virat tries to console her, but she blames him for Samrat's disappearance.

212. All Okay Between Sai, Virat?


Sai massages Virat's back when he strains himself. Later, the Chavans observe a heated argument erupt between Pakhi and Sai.

213. Sai Shocks the Chavans


Sai loses her cool and blames Pakhi for eyeing Virat. The Chavans are left shocked when Sai discloses Pakhi and Virat's old connection.

214. Bhavani Defends Pakhi, Virat


Bhavani defends Pakhi and Virat and as she trusts them. Later, the Chavans taunt Sai when she talks of leaving the house.

215. Bhavani's Concern for Pakhi


Pakhi gets emotional and swears never to forget the insult at the Chavan house. Later, Bhavani tells Virat about Pakhi's fast.

216. Virat Is Angry with Sai


After rebuking Virat for Sai's behaviour, Bhavani wants him to feed Pakhi. While Virat is furious over Sai's deed, Pakhi wants to leave the house.

217. Ashwini Questions Pakhi


While Ninad gets into an argument with Ashwini, Virat longs for Sai. Later, Ashwini confronts Pakhi for taking an active interest in Virat.

218. Sunny Accuses Pakhi


While Sunny tries to sort things between Virat and Sai, Pakhi overhears their conversation. Later, an enraged Sunny blames Pakhi for destroying Samrat's life.

219. Pakhi Gets Suspicious


Virat gets angry when Sunny blames Pakhi for separating him and Sai. Later, Pakhi doubts Sai's relationship with Mohit.

220. Virat's Restrictions on Sai


Ninad falls sick during his tiff with Sai, and Bhavani blames her for it. Later, Virat restricts Sai from leaving the house.

221. Sai Shares Her Feelings


After Virat forbids Sai from leaving the house, they sort things out. As he gets excited to know Sai's concern for him, she promptly pours her feelings out.

222. Pakhi Disparages Sai


Pakhi invites the Chavans for her parent's anniversary except Sai. While Virat insists to take her along with him, Sai refuses to attend the party.

223. Ashwini Showers Affection on Sai


Ashwini admires Sai as she dresses her for the party. Later, Sai gets irritated as Virat gently taunts her before attending the function.

224. Sai, Virat's Happy Selfie


Vaishali and Pakhi create an issue when Sai gifts her a saree at the anniversary. While Sai worries over Virat's risky mission, he lightens her mood with a cute selfie.

225. Ashwini Accuses the Chavans


The Chavans get annoyed upon learning that Sai gifted an expensive saree to Vaishali. Later, Ashwini blames them for keeping her away from every crucial family decision.

226. Sai's Staunch Refusal


An emotional Sai admits to her inexperience about living in a joint family. Later, she refuses to apologise to Pakhi when Ninad compels her to do so.

227. Sai's Concern for Pakhi


A concerned Sai tries to feed Pakhi. She apologises to her and gives up her rights on Virat. Later, Sai feels happy with Virat's unexpected arrival at home.

228. Bhavani Convinces Pakhi


Shailesh asks Pakhi to have food, but she gets convinced after Bhavani urges her. Later, Sai tells about Virat's gift when Karishma asks about it during dinner.

229. Virat Proves his Love


As Sai hands over her ruby pendant to Bhavani, Virat decides to get it back. Later, he reclaims the jewellery from Bhavani by offering her a gift.

230. Sai Grows Defensive


When Virat questions Sai about giving away her gift to Bhavani, she justifies her actions. Later, she eagerly invites the Chavans to her college function.

231. Sai Confronts the Chavans


When the Chavans refuse to attend Sai's function, she questions them. Later, Pakhi tries to prove that Sai is manipulating Mohit.

232. Virat Surprises Sai


Sai is surprised after watching Virat's outstanding dance. After overhearing Bhavani and Ninad's conversation, Ashwini thinks of leaving the house.

233. Sai Warns the Chavans


Shivani wants to attend the event and Mansi urges Pakhi to join along. Later, Sai warns the Chavans that they will be caught by the police if they fail to turn up.

234. Sai Is Praised


Bhavani talks about Sai's kindness in her absence and asks the family to keep their discussion a secret. Further, the police arrive at their doorstep with shocking news.

235. The Chavans Fall into Sai's Trap


Sai informs Virat of her mischievous plan to trap the Chavans and make them responsible for her death. The startled Chavans feel ambushed after visiting the college.

236. Bhavani Is Horrified


The Chavan get anxious and question Virat about Sai. Later, Bhavani panics as Sai appears on stage for her performance.

237. The Chavans Praise Sai's Act


As Sai performs amazingly on the stage, the Chavans appreciate her moves. A hesitant Virat comes on the stage after Sai invites him to perform.

238. Sai Wins the Competition


Virat beats Ajinkya in the face-off with a terrific performance. Later, Sai pours her heart out to the Chavans as she finishes first in the competition.

239. Virat Grows Possessive


As her guardian, Virat demands to know about Sai's daily activities. Later, he shows that he cares by bringing her a cup of morning tea.

240. Chavans to Follow Sai's Orders?


The Chavans deny staying with Sai under the same roof. Later, Sai restricts the Chavans from leaving the house and shows her authoritative behaviour.

241. Virat to Celebrate Sai's Birthday


Virat is eager to celebrate Sai's birthday, but Bhavani shows reluctance. Later, he and Ashwini pretend to be angry to hide the celebration plans from Sai.

242. Sai Is Upset


Sai gets annoyed as she does not receive birthday wishes from Virat. However, Virat is excited as he secretly plans a surprise for her.

243. Sai's Birthday Celebration


Bhavani feels happy when Pulkit and Ashwini praise her cooking. Later, Virat sings a song as the Chavans celebrate a surprise birthday party for Sai.

244. A Pleasant Surprise for Sai!


Sai is delighted with Virat's surprise for her. On her birthday, she makes a promise to her deceased father.

245. Pakhi Hurts Sai


While Ninad receives praise for his performance, Sai requests Pakhi to join the celebration. Later, she gets hurt on the head when Pakhi accidentally pushes her.

246. Pakhi Gets Questioned


Virat gets angry with Pakhi after learning about Sai's injury. While Sai cuts her birthday cake, Mohit and Ashwini question Pakhi about her rude behaviour.

247. Sai's Happy Moments


Pakhi agrees to dine with the family while Bhavani serves food at the function. Later, Sai feels elated when her friends attend her birthday celebration.

248. Virat Feels Envious


Virat feels insecure when he watches Sai's male friend get close to her at the party. Later, he expresses his feelings to Sai and gifts her a beautiful ring.

249. Sai Demands a Favour


Pakhi accuses Virat of destroying her happiness but he shuts her down coldly. Later, Sai demands an unusual favour from Virat.

250. Sai Is Cornered


Sai returns late from college and gets questioned by the family. Taking advantage of the situation, Pakhi taunts her.

251. Sai Wins Over Ninad


While the family hurls a string of accusations at Sai, she reveals that she was out to get a harmonium for Ninad. Seeing her selflessness, Ninad embraces her.

252. Pakhi's Final Decision


Pakhi drops a shocker about leaving the house when Mansi gets emotional. Later, Virat and Sai try to stop an adamant Pakhi.

253. Virat Loses His Cool


Ajinkya visits the Chavans to enquire about Sai's health, and Pakhi insists that he meet her in her room. Later, Virat fumes with anger on learning that Ajinkya is in Sai's room.

254. Sai, Virat in Trouble?


Filled with jealousy, Virat accuses Sai of having an illicit relationship with Ajinkya. A furious Sai storms out of the house and meets with an accident.

255. Pulkit Accuses Virat


An infuriated Pulkit lashes out at Virat for Sai's condition. While Virat breaks down, Pulkit grows tensed to find Sai in a serious state.

256. Pulkit Rebukes the Chavans


Pulkit informs Sai about his new decision after she regains consciousness. Later, Pulkit reprimands the Chavans for ill-treating Sai at home.

257. Virat is Heartbroken


Virat apologises to Sai and requests her to come home with him, but she rejects him. Later, Virat learns about Pakhi's shocking act to set up Sai.

258. Virat Accuses Pakhi


Virat throws himself into looking after Sai's needs at the hospital, but in vain. At home, he lashes out at Pakhi for creating troubles between him and Sai.

259. Sai to Make a Choice?


Virat and Pulkit put forth a choice before Sai after she gets discharged from the hospital. However, Sai firmly decides to go with Pulkit.

260. The Chavans Welcome Sai


Mansi reprimands Pakhi since she forgot her wedding anniversary with Samrat. Later, the Chavans warmly welcome Sai home, unaware of her decision.

261. Sai to Forgive Virat?


An emotional Virat apologises before Sai and begs her not to leave the Chavan mansion. While Sai forgives him, Pakhi feels insecure by their patch up.

262. Virat is Over the Moon


Sunny suggests Virat take Sai for a trip and confess his feelings to her. Later, Virat is thrilled when she agrees to go with him.

263. Virat, Sai Set Out on a Trip


Virat informs the Chavans that he is taking Sai out on a business trip, much to their displeasure. Ignoring their qualms, Sai and Virat set out for Mahabaleshwar.

264. Sai, Virat's Fun Moments


Sai finds a lizard in the room and creates a scene in the resort. Amidst the hilarious situation, Sai clings to Virat, and they share a cute moment.

265. Sai, Virat's Special Evening


Virat plans a pleasant surprise for Sai. As they face an unexpected situation, Sai and Virat enjoy their romantic time under the twinkling stars.

266. Pakhi Grows Emotional


Pakhi thinks that Virat has betrayed them by hiding the truth about his anniversary outing. She then grows emotional while Bhavani and Mansi worry about her.

267. Sai, Virat's Anniversary Special


Virat plans a pleasant surprise for Sai on their marriage anniversary. Later, Mohit and Sunny join them during the grand celebrations.

268. Virat Fumes at Sai


Virat gets angry when Sai leaves, despite several efforts to stop her. Later, Ashwini taunts Pakhi mentioning Virat and Sai's trip.

269. Virat's Final Decision


Sai comforts Virat as he gets injured while he contemplates her love for him. To fulfill Sai's wish to become a doctor, Virat decides to free her.

270. Sai Bumps Into Samrat


Virat frantically looks for Sai, while she helps a little boy get to the doctor. Later, she bumps into Samrat who is with the little boy.

271. Virat Encouters Samrat


Sai confidently informs Virat that she encountered Samrat. However, when he goes to meet Samrat, the latter doesn’t recognise him.

272. Samrat to Leave Pakhi?


Samrat informs the Chavans about his futile marriage as the reason for his leaving home. Later, he agrees to return to free Pakhi from their bond.

273. Pakhi Spills the Beans


Virat gets angry as Sai insults him for planning the anniversary secretly. Elsewhere, Pakhi discloses the truth of Virat's trip before the Chavans.

274. A Shocker for Chavans


The Chavans object and question Virat and Sai about their trip. Later, they are surprised at Samrat's unexpected visit after a long time.

275. Samrat Spills the Truth


Samrat apathetically states that he has no interest in staying with the Chavans, who question him. Under their probing, he spills an important truth.

276. Samrat to Divorce Pakhi?


Samrat refuses his relationship with Virat by blaming him for betrayal. Later, he announces to divorce Pakhi to free her from all the unwanted bonding.

277. Pakhi's Firm Decision


The Chavans request Pakhi to change her separation decision. Meanwhile, Samrat questions Sai about her feelings for Virat.

278. Samrat Makes an Assumption


After Samrat agrees to talk with Pakhi at Sai's insistence, Virat informs them about his transfer. Samrat predicts the reason behind Virat's transfer.

279. Pakhi Faces Samrat


Pakhi refuses to beg for another chance and stop the divorce during her private conversation with Samrat. Elsewhere, Virat and Sai feel some coldness in their relationship.

280. Virat Is Disappointed


Samrat asks Pakhi to forget the past and make a fresh start. Later, a distressed Virat avoids Sai.

281. Sai Is Concerned About Virat


An intoxicated Samrat avoids conversing with Virat about the past. Later, Sai tends to Virat as she is worried about his health.

282. Pakhi Makes a Request


Sai's concern for Virat makes him uncomfortable. Later, he agrees when Pakhi requests him to meet her at a coffee shop.

283. Sai's Emotional Outburst


The Chavans request Samrat to change his mind and give Pakhi a second chance. Elsewhere, hurt by Virat's behaviour, Sai has a breakdown.

284. Pakhi Proposes the Unthinkable


At the cafe, Virat recommends Pakhi to give Samrat a second chance and shares about his feelings for Sai. Meanwhile, Sai meets Pulkit in the college.

285. A Shocker for Sai


Virat tells Pakhi that he is not interested in her. As they discuss their fate, Sai spots them holding each other's hands.

286. Virat Takes a Decision


Shivani questions Sai as she shares her anguish on seeing Virat and Pakhi together. Later, Virat decides to inform the Chavans about his meeting with Pakhi.

287. Virat's Appeal to Samrat


Virat clears the misunderstanding about his meeting with Pakhi to the Chavans. Later, he urges Samrat to stay home and reconcile with Pakhi.

288. Sai Questions Virat


Sai demands answers from Virat about his meeting with Pakhi. On the other hand, Pakhi urges Samrat to give another chance to their relationship.

289. Samrat to Accept Pakhi?


Samrat demands answers from Pakhi for intending to reunite with him. While she tries to prove her loyalty towards him, Sai gives assurance to Mansi.

290. Samrat, Pakhi Patch Up


Pakhi is elated as Samrat agrees to give another chance to their marriage. While the family is excited about it, Virat informs them about his transfer.

291. Sai Makes an Appeal


As Virat prepares to leave the Chavan mansion, Sai makes an appeal to the senior officer. Later, the Chavans are astounded by Virat's decision.

292. Virat Grows Suspicious


Ashwini talks about Pakhi and Sai's contribution to the Puja. Later, Virat asks Sai about the cancellation of his transfer and suspects her involvement in it.

293. The Chavans Enjoy Janmashtami


The Chavans celebrate Janmashtami Puja while Sai sings a devotional song. Virat and Samrat agree to become Govinda to perform the rituals together.

294. Virat Saves Samrat


Pakhi and Sai bet on their respective husbands, Samrat and Virat to win the competition during rituals. Later, Virat stops Samrat from falling and rescues his life.

295. Sai Upsets Virat


Virat gets annoyed after learning that Sai stopped his transfer. However, Samrat takes a stand for Sai and justifies her act.

296. Sai Calls Out Pakhi's Bluff


When Pakhi pretends to be a nice person before Virat, Sai calls her out. Meanwhile, a cornered Pakhi instigates Virat against Sai.

297. Virat Makes Sai See Sense


As Virat is about to go to Samrat's room, Sai reminds him about Pakhi's deeds and its repercussions. Later, Virat tells Sai why the Chavans like Pakhi more than her.

298. Virat Locks Sai


Samrat talks sharply to Pakhi as he gets compared with Virat. The family gets shocked while Virat informs them about his act of locking Sai in a room.

299. Pakhi Gets Appreciated


Pakhi gets praised for her looks. While she decides to start her life afresh, Sai discusses with Pulkit her request for a college transfer.

300. Samrat Confronts Virat


Sai expresses her emotions to Pulkit in college. On the other hand, an infuriated Samart confronts Virat for locking Sai in the room.

301. Pakhi Risks Her Life


The Chavans are taken aback as Sai is missing from the room. Later, Pakhi strikes a hazardous idea to check Virat's concern for her.

302. Samrat Defends Sai


While Sai returns to the Chavan mansion with Pulkit, Samrat confronts Pakhi for her hatred towards the former. Later, Pakhi makes an unexpected conclusion.

303. Sai Infuriates Virat


Pakhi chooses to give her relationship with Samrat a second chance. On the other hand, Sai's immature behaviour enrages Virat.

304. Pakhi Goes Berserk


At sunrise, Pakhi interferes between Virat and Sai's personal problems, irking them. Later, Sai makes a financial demand to Virat.

305. Sai Gets Criticised


The Chavans praise Pakhi for preparing a tasty breakfast. Later, the family reprimands Sai for getting involved in Virat’s transfer case.

306. The Chavans Enjoy Festivities!


The Chavans prepare for Ganpati Puja while Sai decides to think about her transfer. The family enjoys the festivities followed by Virat's performance.

307. Sai Takes a Big Step


Sai asks Devyani to keep the matter of her leaving the house a secret. Later, she fixes her mind to take a major decision to bring some change in her life.

308. Sai Is Worried


Sai shares her sorrow with Pulkit and talks about her association with the Chavans. Later, Devyani reveals Sai’s secret to Virat.

309. Virat Upsets Devyani


​​​​​Sai feels guilty for not informing Ashwini about her plan to leave the house. On the other hand, Devyani gets upset as Virat refuses to reconcile with Sai.

310. Will Sai Leave the House?


Pakhi suggests Sai and Virat join her on a trip to Mahabaleshwar with Samrat and the entire family. However, the conversation snowballs into an argument.

311. Sai Plans to Escape


Sai wakes up early to hide her luggage in the garden so that she can leave when she gets a chance. Meanwhile, the Chavans are busy celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.

312. Sai Leaves the Chavans


As Sai recalls her early memories with Virat before leaving, he acts indifferently. The love and affection from the Chavans makes Sai emotional when she leaves.

313. Virat Unruffled by Sai's Departure


Virat stays unsurprised when the Chavans learn about Sai's departure. Meanwhile, Sai's collegemates rescue and hospitalise her.

314. Samrat Blames Virat


Samrat claims that by doing nothing to stop Sai, Virat is responsible for her departure from the house. Elsewhere, Sai undergoes surgery at the hospital.

315. A Shocker for Virat


An angry Virat lashes out about how Sai disrespected him. Later, he is shocked to learn that she is in critical condition.

316. Ashwini's Appeal to Virat


Virat feels guilty as he gets blamed for Sai's critical condition. While Ashwini urges him against leaving Sai, Pakhi lends her support to him.

317. Virat's Emotional Plea


An emotional Virat holds Pakhi's hands and urges her to pray for Sai, but Samrat misunderstands them. Can Virat clear his name?

318. Virat Saves Sai


Pulkit informs that Sai is in urgent need of blood and that her blood group is unavailable in the nearest banks. Will Virat manage to find it?

319. Virat's Crucial Decision


Virat makes a tough decision to avoid meeting Sai against her wish. However, Ashwini tries to convince him otherwise. Will Virat listen to her request?

320. Bhavani Prays for Sai


While Devi and Sunny grow emotional for Sai's condition, Virat keeps his hope for her recovery. Elsewhere, Bhavani informs about the special rituals she practiced for Sai.

321. Ninad Feels for Sai


Sai cries as Virat holds her hands with love and care. An emotional Ninad shares his realisation of Sai's value when he sees the harmonium.

322. Pulkit's Appeal to the Chavans


The Chavans are happy to see Virat taking care of Sai. Later, Pulkit informs them not to upset Sai and act accordingly for her speedy recovery.

323. Virat Takes Care of Sai


As Virat tends to Sai and takes good care of her, the family watches them get close. While Pakhi walks in and disrupts their moment, she is asked to leave.

324. Virat Demeans Pakhi


As Pakhi visits Sai in the hospital, an adamant Virat acts rudely with her. Later, he dreams of Sai recovering.

325. Sai Perceives the Picture


On the doctor's insistence, Sai closes her eyes and gets a clear glimpse of her loved ones. While Samrat questions Pakhi, she thinks Virat is jealous of her married life.

326. Samrat Confronts Pakhi


Samrat reveals to Pakhi that he knows how she feels about Virat and that he has only accepted her because of him. On the other hand, Virat offers a choice to Sai.

327. Sai to Get Discharged


The Chavans are pleased after learning about Sai's discharge from the hospital. Elsewhere, Sai wishes to head back to Gadchiroli.

328. Virat to Sai's Rescue


During the Visarjan preparations, Mohit returns to the Chavan mansion. Elsewhere, Virat rushes to save Sai from meeting with a severe accident.

329. Bhavani Shocks the Chavans


The Chavans are surprised to learn about Bhavani's plan to cook for Sai while Pakhi and Sonali object to it. Later, Sai receives a warm welcome upon her return.

330. Ashwini's Shocking Decision


Ashwini declares that Virat and Sai will no longer share a room while Devyani and Bhavani raise their objections. Later, Ashwini explains her shocking decision.

331. Bhavani Learns the Truth


Bhavani is shocked to learn from Pakhi that Virat and Sai used to sleep in separate beds. She punishes Sonali for her hurtful comment against Sai.

332. Bhavani Berates Sonali


Bhavani saves Sai from falling when Sonali pushes her and berates her. The Chavans stand by Sai when Sonali calls her an orphan.

333. Pakhi Feels Insecure


Bhavani asks Sai to serve the Prasad to the Brahmins while Pakhi feels insecure about losing her importance in the family. Later, Sai comes to meet Virat.

334. Sai, Virat's New Beginning


Pakhi insults Sai when she finds her in Virat's room but he defends her. Ashwini comments that Sai and Virat should redo their relationship.

335. Samrat Apologises to Sai


Virat and Sai spend some time together and set cute nicknames for each other. While Bhavani confronts Pakhi for her comment, Samrat apologises to Sai.

336. Virat, Sai in Love!


While Ashwini goes to meet Virat, Sai is unable to sleep in her new room. Later, Virat and Sai confess their love for each other to Ashwini.

337. Omkar, Sonali's Harsh Step


While Omkar and Sonali decide to leave the house, the Chavans try to convince them against it. Later, Omkar speaks harshly to Ninad for not respecting Ashwini.

338. Ashwini Recalls Her Wedding Day


While going through the photo album, Ashwini remembers her wedding day with Ninad and narrates it to Sai. Later, Virat stops Sai from making plans for their anniversary.

339. Samrat, Virat's Honest Plea


Omkar speaks ill about Sai when Virat and Samrat request him to stay in the Chavan mansion. Later, Virat plans a pleasant surprise for Sai.

340. Omkar Remains Reluctant


When Bhavani and Ninad try to convince Omkar not to leave the Chavan mansion, he refuses to obey them. Elsewhere, Virat gives Pakhi a stern warning.

341. Virat Supports Ashwini


In front of the Chavans, Virat takes a firm stand for Ashwini. He demands Ninad and Bhavani to conduct politely with Ashwini henceforth.

342. Ninad's Change of Heart


Virat puts forth a question to Ninad before the Chavans. Finding himself in a spot, Ninad changes his decision and agrees to celebrate his marriage anniversary with Ashwini.

343. Pakhi's Mean Ways


Pakhi ridicules Sai and Virat's friendship. The Chavans are excited to celebrate Ninad and Ashwini's wedding anniversary, and she agrees to help them.

344. Ninad's Shocking Outburst


Ninad loses his temper when Virat tries to make him dance with Ashwini and he insults her in front of the guests. Later, Swapna and Sai take Ashwini's side.

345. Ashwini, Ninad's Emotional Time


The Chavans are pleased as Ninad supports Ashwini and they share an emotional moment. Later, Virat thanks Sai with a rose for reuniting them.

346. Ashwini, Ninad's Happy Moment


During the wedding anniversary celebrations, Ashwini and Ninad garland each other and cut a cake. Later, Pakhi, Sonali and Karishma manipulate Bhavani against Ashwini.

347. Pakhi Taunts Bhavani


Sai suffers an emotional outburst before Ninad and Ashwini's romantic dinner. Elsewhere, Pakhi mocks Bhavani as the situation goes out of her control.

348. Bhavani Stops Omkar, Sonali


Pakhi manipulates Bhavani into believing that she gave preferential treatment to Sai. Later, Bhavani stops Omkar and Sonali from leaving the house.

349. Omkar's Change of Heart


Virat recalls his childhood friend, Sadanand while Omkar informs Bhavani about his changed decision. Later, Virat is perplexed upon meeting his alter ego.

350. Bhavani Is Back in Action!


Samrat confronts Pakhi about their relationship. On the other hand, Bhavani vows to control the Chavans by making them follow her commands.

351. Bhavani's Ultimatum for Sai


Bhavani returns to her old self after being manipulated by Pakhi. Ashwini tries to convince her when she orders Sai to return to Virats room.

352. Bhavani's Strange Demand


After Bhavani orders Sai and Virat to share a room, she demands a child from them. While Sai breaks into tears, Virat fears losing the bond again.

353. Virat Consoles Sai


Virat makes peace with Sai by telling her that someone's belief shouldn't bother her. Elsewhere, Bhavani's reasons clear up Ashwini's discomfort.

354. Mohit Defies Sonali


Mohit firmly refuses to fulfil Sonali's demand of having a child before Virat. Elsewhere, Pakhi lands in a tight spot for failing to cope up with Samrat.

355. Sai Gets Responsibilities


As Samrat leaves for his orphanage, Bhavani gives Sai a responsibility for Diwali. Meanwhile, Pakhi makes an attempt to fan the flame inside Sai.

356. Virat Assists Pakhi


To seek Virat's attention, Pakhi deliberately meets with an accident outside Sai's college. Virat carries an injured Pakhi in his arms and takes her to a hospital.

357. Pakhi Craves for Virat


Pakhi longs to spend quality time with Virat. However, Sai creates a hindrance and her plan goes for a toss.

358. Ninad Feels Concerned


Sai feels better after Virat offers her some natural remedies. A concerned Ninad talks about Sai and Virat while he praises Ashwini.

359. Bhavani Finally Agrees


Ninad clears the air when Bhavani questions his intentions. Later, Ashwini convinces Bhavani to allow Virat and Sai to go out together.

360. Sadanand Is Alive!


At the mall, Sadanand spots Virat and recalls his good times with him and Sunny. Later, he bumps into Virat.

361. Virat Gets Emotional


Virat defends Ashwini when she gets questioned about buying jewellery only for him and Sai. Later, he gets emotional thinking about Sadanand.

362. Samrat Returns Home


Sai and Virat enjoy drinking green tea on the terrace at midnight, unaware of Pakhi observing them. Later, Samrat returns to the Chavan Mansion.

363. Sai, Virat Defend Each Other


After Patralekha starts bashing Sai and Virat for embracing in public, the couple stands up for each other. Further, Sai confronts Patralekha.

364. Virat's Promise to Sai


Ashwini presents a sari to Bhavani and requests her to forgive Sai. While Pakhi vows vengeance, Virat consoles Sai and promises to teach her to drive a car.

365. Sai Learns the Truth


The Chavans spend a gala time as the couples feed each other on Diwali. As DIG pays a visit, he tells Sai what Virat went through after her accident.

366. A Shocker for Sai


In an unexpected turn of events, Virat gets assigned a mission. While Sai gets a shock, the Chavans break into tears when he bids them goodbye.

367. Sai, Virat's Emotional Moment


Sai grows emotional while bidding farewell to Virat. The Chavans admire them as they share an emotional moment before his departure.

368. Pakhi Warns Sai


Pakhi instigates Sai against Virat and pretends to be a victim of his false promises. Elsewhere, Virat gets a task to catch a terrorist on the run.

369. Virat Meets Sadanand


Deep in the woods, Virat encounters Sadanand at midnight. Elsewhere, Sai gets extremely anxious about Virat's safety during the mission.

370. Sai's Romantic Imagination


Sadanand warns his pregnant wife, Shruti, to return home due to unexpected circumstances. Elsewhere, Sai imagines celebrating Bali Padyami with Virat.

371. Virat's Life in Danger?


Virat encounters Sadanand in the woods who escapes after blasting a bomb near his vehicle. Elsewhere, Devyani senses danger on Virat and grows frantic.

372. Sadanand Breathes His Last


During a fierce combat, Virat shoots Sadanand and kills him in the forest. Later, Virat is on a mission to fulfil Sadanand's last wish.

373. Virat's Life at Stake!


Sai experiences a terrifying nightmare concerning Virat. Elsewhere, Virat's life is in peril after meeting Sadanand's wife, Shruti.

374. Virat Assists Shruti


Sai turns anxious after learning that Virat is missing from the team. Elsewhere, Virat helps Shruti get out of the forest as Sadanand's men hunt for her.

375. Shruti, Virat Arrive at a Lodge


After having dinner, Virat takes Shruti safely to a lodge. Elsewhere, Samrat questions Sai about Pakhi's feelings for him in the past.

376. Virat Feels Devastated


Virat returns home but his grief-stricken appearance confuses the family. While he feels disturbed about hiding the truth, Sai questions him about the vermillion stain.

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