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Image GAGA


Release Date 2022-11-11
Runtime 111 minutes
Genres Family
Stars Wilang Noming, Kagaw Piling, Wilang Lalin, Ali Batu, Gaki Baunky
Directors Qu Youning, Chiang Yi-chen, Tu Duu-chih, Laha Mebow, Laha Mebow

The tribal village gets misty in September, letting out an atmosphere as intriguing as Hayung's family in this autumn-winter season. After Hayung's homeland was occupied, one 80-year-old man devoted his whole life to worshipping GAGA. The traditions were forgotten by his descendants after his passing... The Hayung's family represented indigenous families in Taiwan. Each tribe represents a withering big family. The eldest son Pasang joins in the election campaign, neglecting the opposition from his family. The second son, who is a farmer, is thus affected. After the election campaign, the entire family is on the verge of falling apart, and the village witnesses the snow for the first time in a very long time... With snow melting, new lives emerge. The broken family has started mending and repairing...